what people say about Cooking with Jacques

"When I cook on my own I don’t enjoy it that much but being here I enjoy the company. I’m cooking with friends, chatting with friends and that makes it an enjoyable experience”.

– Barbara Franco.

“Jacques is great. He keeps telling me not to stress about cooking because I do worry that things aren’t going to be done on time. He’s very calming.”

– Ruth Morris


“It is very pleasant to work with Jacques.”

– Beryl Grimsted.

“Jacques was brilliant with his instruction and very helpful. I am making meals that I would never make at home. I enjoy trying something new. I had never eaten beetroot soup and Russian potato bread before, it was delicious.”

– Suzanne Jones


“I enjoy the sessions. They are very informal and we help one another. We never know what Jacques wants us to make so each week is a surprise. Sometimes I think ‘this is a difficult recipe’ but we always end up having a good meal together. I didn’t think that we could make plaited loaves but they were delicious. I have started baking at home.”

– Rod Vowles

"You don't want to listen to him. He ain't got a clue what he's doing."

– Celia Dix