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bringing people together through cooking

Cooking involves all the senses, it is not just about taste and smell but about sight, sound and texture too. It is also a mental exercise that requires organisation and is intuitive and creative. It is physical; whisking eggs, kneading dough, stirring sauces, bending down or reaching up into a cupboard. Naturally, cooking can be emotionally and socially satisfying and rewarding too.


Incorporating mindfulness in our lives is a terrific way to improve our wellbeing. What can be more mindful than taking your time to create a wonderful dish using a range of amazing ingredients and then sharing it with others?


My events suit a variety of people and groups, from those with little cookery experience and knowledge, to those with considerable skill who may be looking for extra tips and ideas. There are a range of different events including, community sessions, workshops and 1-1 cookery tutoring.


At each event my overriding aims are to:

  • create environments that are open and inclusive without competition and pressure

  • encourage engagement in all aspects of food and cooking

  • facility learning and sharing


All classes take place in accessible venues with ample space for teaching, working in

teams and sitting down together to enjoy the meals we have made.

Community sessions. I have worked with several Bristol charities to deliver sessions

in community spaces across the city. These are run to specific needs around social

engagement. For more information see my community page.

Workshops. These are designed by me and partners to cover specific topics.

Current workshops are focused upon aspects of nutrition (such as understanding our digestive systems or increasing awareness of thyroid function) aligned with food and cooking (such as pulses and grains, fish, vegetarian cooking and baking). These workshops take place at venues in Hampshire and Bristol that are ideal for learning. For more information see my workshops page.

1-1 cookery tutoring. If you are looking for a personal tutor, please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

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“Jacques was brilliant with his instruction and very helpful. I am making meals that I would never make at home. I enjoy trying something new. I had never eaten beetroot soup and Russian potato bread before, it was delicious.”

– Suzanne Jones

“I enjoy the sessions. They are very informal and we help one another. We never know what Jacques wants us to make so each week is a surprise. Sometimes I think ‘this is a difficult recipe’ but we always end up having a good meal together. I didn’t think that we could make plaited loaves but they were delicious. I have started baking at home.”

– Rod Vowles

“Jacques is great. He keeps telling me not to stress about cooking because I do worry that things aren’t going to be done on time. He’s very calming.”

– Ruth Morris